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Want to Dress Your Little One as Lord Krishna| Here are 5 Costume Ideas for Kids

Janmashtami is an annual Hindu festival which celebrates the birth of Lord Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord Vishnu. Devotees of Lord Sri Krishna celebrate their Lord’s birthday with great pomp and show. Every year on the auspicious day of Krishna Janmashtami, little boys dress up as Lord Krishna to celebrate the occasion with lots of fun and joy. Parents of small children enjoy dressing up their sons in the image of Lord Krishna because it is believed that young children are reincarnations of “Gopala” or “kanhaiyan.” If you are planning the same then here are few costume suggestions on how to dress your baby as little Lord Krishna.Also Read – Janmashtami 2022: From Swapnil Joshi, Nitish Bhardwaj To Sumedh Mudgalkar Actors Who Became An Overnight Sensation By Playing Lord Krishna Onscreen

5 Tips to dress up your baby as Lord Krishna

Peacock Feather: As per Hindu tradition, it is believed that peacock feathers are very fond to Kanha Ji. If you look at a depiction of Lord Sri Krishna, you will notice a Mor Pankh on the Lord’s head. So buy a beautiful peacock feather and attach it to the crown with one side tilted. If you can’t find one in the store, you can make one at home. Also Read – Is Krishna Janmashtami a Government Holiday? THESE STATES TO OBSERVE PUBLIC HOLIDAY ON AUGUST 19

Dhoti: A silk dhoti, preferably in yellow, is required to make your baby look like Krishna. Dhotis in small sizes are available in the market for babies. Silk dhotis are preferred due to their soft texture and glossy appearance being the basic element of Lord Krishna’s attire. Also Read – Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Puja Samagri: 5 Things You Should Offer To Lord Krishna For Guaranteed Love And Success

Flute: Everyone is familiar with Lord Krishna’s magical flute music. The bansuri is revered as Kanha Ji’s celestial instrument, and it is frequently associated with Krishna’s Rasa lila dance. To complete the Lord Krishna costume, purchase a small plastic or wooden flute from the market and tie it around your baby’s waist with a string.

Butter Pot: Lord Krishna is commonly referred to as ‘Makhan Chor. To this day, any pooja performed to please Ladu Gopal is considered incomplete unless butter is offered. So, a pot of butter is also required to dress up your child as Krishna. You can buy a beautiful clay pot from a pottery store and fill it with light yellow white cotton to make it look like butter.

Organic Makeup: To make your child look like Krishna, apply a “tilak” of kumkum and turmeric powder to his forehead to emphasize the significance of the costume. Although, avoid using cosmetics and harsh chemicals on children. Their skin is delicate, and they would be unable to tolerate it. Look for something organic that will suit their skin and won’t cause irritation.

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