Viral Video: Thieves Break Shops Shutter With Help Of A Cloth, Run Away With Valuables

Thief Viral Video: Thieves these days have become extra smart and deploy all kinds of methods to break in and steal stuff. One such video shows a group of thieves who break open a store’s shutter with the help of just a cloth. Seeing the technique of the thieves, you will be left shocked. It can be seen in the video that a group of thieves reached outside a shop in the middle of the night. They first tried to open the shutter but to no avail. One of them then procures a strong cloth and inserts it in a hole in the middle of the shutter. All of them pull the cloth hard, following which the strong shutter is left wide open. After this, the thieves fled with valuables kept in the shop.Also Read – Viral Video: Reporter Asks Boy His Favorite Subject & Name of PM, His Answers Are Just Hilarious | Watch

This shocking video related to the theft incident has also been uploaded on Instagram on a page named giedde. The video is captioned as, “Shutter bhi safe nahi hai.” Also Read – Johnny Depp’s Lookalike Spotted At Religious Ceremony In Iran, Fans Ask ‘What Are You Doing Here?’ | Watch

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The video has gone viral, and people were left both amazed and technical to see such a theft. One user wrote, “kuchhhh chor yahi se training le lenge.” Another commented, “5 min. Craft be like: Shutter hack.” A third said, “Aajkal ke chor ek kadam aage hai.”

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