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This Viral Video of Frog Drowning His Buddy Will Remind You Of Door Scene From Titanic. Watch

Viral Video Today: You might not know this but frogs can actually drown as they can stay underwater as long as they can hold their breath, but just like humans, frogs will drown if they inhale water into their lungs. A famous movie character who went under the water with the Titanic was Jack Dawson, who people say could have lived if only Rose could share the door she was floating on and maybe Jack wouldn’t have frozen to death.Also Read – Aaj Meri Behen Ka Birthday Hai: Watch Hilarious Viral Video That Started This Trend on Instagram

This viral video is funnily reminding netizens of the famous ‘door scene’ from Titanic. However, unlike this frog, Kate Winslet did not intentionally kill Leonardo DiCaprio. The clip was shared on Twitter by the page Buitengebiden, which regularly posts funny animal videos. It shows a frog staying afloat on water with the help of metal can lid floating on top of the water. Also Read – Goat and Baby Cry Adorably in Unison, Viral Video Has 27 Million Views. Watch

When another tries to get on the metal cover, the frog sitting on it just kicks him off of it, even though there’s enough space for two. The other frog keeps trying to get on the cover, but the frog sitting on it keeps kicking him off, not caring if his poor friend drowns. “Final scene of the Titanic,” the caption said. Their video also had the background music of the famous song My Heart Will Go On from Titanic. The video has received over 13.5 million views and 439k likes. Also Read – Viral Video: Bride And Groom Play Stone, Paper, Scissors To Decide Who Goes First In Jaimala Ceremony. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

Hilarious, wasn’t it?

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