Bharat Biotech Completes Trials for India’s First Intranasal Covid Vaccine, Calls It Safe and Immunogenic

New Delhi: Bharat Biotech International Limited (BBIL) on Monday announced that its intra-nasal vaccine (BBV154) has proven to be safe, well-tolerated, and immunogenic in subjects in controlled clinical trials. “This vaccine candidate was evaluated earlier in phase I and II clinical trials with successful results. BBV154 has been specifically formulated to allow intranasal delivery. In … Read more

Is Eating Dahi at Night Safe| Ayurveda Explains

Curd is a common staple in almost every Indian household. It’s both a refreshing and creamy probiotic. Curd is an amazing dairy product that frequently contains an acidic substance such as vinegar or lemon juice. As a result, it aids digestion and prevents calcium deficiency. Many lactose intolerant people can tolerate yogurt because it produces … Read more

Dragged Out Of Car Physically Assaulted WION Journalist Anas Mallick Abducted By Taliban In Kabul Now Safe

New Delhi: WION’s correspondent Anas Mallick and his team were “dragged” out of the car and “physically assaulted” by the Taliban when he was reporting in Afghanistan’s capital Kabul. Anas arrived in Kabul on Wednesday evening and a day after that he was taking general visuals for his extensive coverage of one year of Taliban … Read more

Cryptocurrency Guide: Essential Tips to Keep Your Crypto Safe, Explained by An Expert

Essential tips to keep your Crypto Safe: Financial safety is of the utmost importance in a relatively new and emerging crypto market where owners of virtual digital assets must be well informed of the best existing practices for successful, lucrative trades and possess the proper knowledge and tools to safeguard their interests against fraudulent activity. … Read more

Hindus, Sikhs Now Safe In Country, Say Taliban; Akhundzada’s Minister Meets Minorities, Promises Security

Kabul: The Taliban regime in Afghanistan has assured full security to the Hindu and Sikh communities who have left the country. The Taliban said in a statement: The security situation in the country is now much better than before. We appeal to those from the Hindu and Sikh community who have left the country to … Read more

Policybazaar IT System Breached Confirm Authorities Know If Your Data Is Safe

New Delhi: One of the premium insurance aggregator company, Policybazaar reported to have identified certain vulnerabilities in a part of its IT systems and the same were subject to illegal and unauthorized access, parent company PB Fintech said. Such unauthorized access was reported on July 19, 2022, it said in a regulatory filing to the … Read more

Signs, Symptoms, How to Identify, Prevent, and Stay Safe from Monkeypox

New Delhi: As the monkeypox outbreak expanded to over 70 countries, the World Health Organization (WHO) on Saturday declared monkeypox a global health emergency of international concern. A global emergency is the WHO’s highest level of alert but the designation does not necessarily mean a disease is particularly transmissible or lethal.Also Read – Monkeypox: Delhi … Read more

Early Symptoms of Lung Cancer And When to Get Tested, All You Need to Know to Stay Safe

Lung Cancer is still the leading cause of cancer deaths worldwide. In India, alone, Lung Cancer accounts for a majority of the Cancer burden, with 1 in 68 males falling victim to it. Moreover, several statistics state that around 80 percent of Lung Cancers are diagnosed at an advanced stage. Having said that, medical science … Read more