Man Dances to Maar Daala Song In Front of A Cow, Watch What Happened Next

Viral Video Today: Social media is full of interesting, funny and fascinating content which often keeps us entertained. This is a platform where hundreds of thousands of videos are watched and uploaded every day. One such funny video has just surfaced wherein a man is seen dancing in front of a cow. What happened next … Read more

Ex Gujarat Deputy CM Nitin Patel Injured After Being Hit By Racing Cow During Tiranga Yatra

Ahmedabad: In an embarrassing incident, former Gujarat Deputy Chief Minister Nitin Patel on Saturday suffered injuries after a galloping cow rammed into the Tiranga Yatra being led by him, reported news agency ANI. In a video clip of the incident, Patel could be seen holding a tricolor as a group of people surrounded him when … Read more

60,000 Cow Dung Rakhis Made in Jaipur to be Exported to America & Mauritius

Jaipur: Raksha Bandhan this year will be different for the Indians residing in America and Mauritius as they will tie organic cow dung rakhis from Jaipur on their wrists. While an order for 40,000 rakhis has come from America, another order for 20,000 rakhis has been received from Mauritius, said Atul Gupta from the Organic … Read more

Cow Feeds Milk To Abandoned Puppies, Netizens Say It Happens Only in India. Watch

Viral Video Today: In Hinduism, the cow is worshiped and treated as a mother and called ‘gaye/gau mata’. The scared cow represents Mother Earth, as it is a source of goodness and its milk nourishes all creatures. An Indian cow was recently seen mothering not her own calves, or even calves of other cows, but … Read more

Cow Urine At Rs 4 Per Liter Chhattisgarh Government To Start Purchasing On Hareli

Raipur: Chhattisgarh government has decided to purchase cow urine at a minimum rate of Rs 4 per liter from local festival ‘Hareli’ on July 28 as part of the flagship scheme ‘Godhan Nyay Yojana’, which also entails procurement of cow dung. It was rolled out two years ago with the aim of providing income to … Read more

Viral Video: Man Saves Cow From Getting Electrocuted in Punjab’s Mansa, Kindness Wins Hearts

Viral Video: It’s only the kindness of random people that brings some meaning and sanity in this cruel world. It doesn’t hurt to be kind, especially to animals who can’t communicate when they are in pain. One such video of kindness has gone viral where a man saved a cow from being electrocuted in Punjab’s … Read more

Viral Video: Woman Perfectly Sticks Cow Dung On Wall, People Call It Amazing Desi Talent

Viral Video: Indians are supremely talented and there is absolutely no doubt about that. More than that, desis are extremely hardworking and possess a lot of skills, that are praiseworthy. One such video has surfaced on social media that shows a woman perfectly putting cow dung cakes on a wall to dry them. In the … Read more

Viral Video: Fun-Loving Cow Enjoys Playing Football With Human, Internet Is Delighted | Watch

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Sai Pallavi Compares Kashmiri Pandit Exodus to Cow Vigilantism The Oppressed Should Be Protected

Sai Pallavi Compares Kashmiri Pandit Exodus to Cow Vigilantism: Sai Pallavi recently got a mixed reaction from netizens for her controversial statement on Kashmiri Pandit Exodus to cow vigilantism. Sai was hailed by many netizens while some were offended by her remarks. Sai was condemning religious hate crimes and communal violence where she claimed cow … Read more

MPs Orchha at Uma Bharti Throws Cow Dung At Liquor Shop, Says I Have Not Pelted Stones

Orchha: Former chief minister and senior BJP leader Uma Bharti continues her agitation against liquor shops in Madhya Pradesh’s Orchha town. A video has surfaced on social media which showed Bharti throwing cow dung at a liquor store Tuesday evening in Orchha. Bharti said she was furious to see a religious shop in a religious … Read more