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NASA Vehicle To Hit Asteroid Racing Towards Earth Change Its Course To Save Planet

DART Mission: Every month or two we come across news that some asteroid is racing towards the earth. Sometimes far and sometimes near. But if the real danger to the earth is from any object, then it is asteroids. If ever an asteroid is coming towards the earth and there is no change in its direction, then it is very likely to cause colossal damage. To keep such asteroids away or to change their direction, NASA launched the DART mission last year. On September 26, the DART mission is going to change the direction of one such asteroid that is zipping towards the earth by colliding with it.Also Read – 110-Feet Colossal Asteroid To Approach Earth TODAY! Is It A Matter Of Concern?

To protect the Earth from asteroid attacks, this spacecraft will collide with the asteroids circling in distant space. The purpose is to know whether the collision will change the direction of the asteroid or not. This spacecraft will collide with this asteroid at a speed of 23,760 kilometers per hour. The change in the direction of the asteroid can be recorded. Along with this, it can also be found out whether the collision will change the direction or not. Apart from this, the asteroid’s atmosphere, metal, dust, soil, etc., will also be studied during the collision. Also Read – 10 Frightening Facts About Most Powerful Nuclear Weapon Ever Detonated

What is Dart Mission?

The name of this mission is “Double Asteroid Redirection Test” (DART). The technique being used in DART Mission is called Kinetic Impactor Technique. This technique has been developed so that the spacecraft can change the direction of the asteroids by colliding with them. The asteroid that NASA will attack through the DART spacecraft is named Didymos. Also Read – Super-Earth Ross 508b: There Might Be Signs Of Life Just 37 Light Years Away!

Didymos asteroid is 2600 feet in diameter. There is also a small moon-like stone circling around it. The name of this moon is Dimorphos. The collision of the vehicle will happen with this. Its diameter is 525 feet. NASA will target this small moon-like stone that will collide with Didymos. After this, the change in the speed of both will be studied from the telescope on Earth.

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