Massive 12-Feet Long Cobra Sneaks Inside a Pickup Truck, Owner Drives It All the Way to His Home

Viral News: Snakes are scary and creepy creatures, guaranteed to make people terrified to the core. After several tales of gigantic snakes being spotted in unusual places, this time, a 12-feet long cobra was found in a pickup truck. In the video, a man from Thailand’s Surat Thani found a 12-feet cobra resting at the back of his pickup truck. However, he realized its presence only when he reached home. That means, a massive snake was resting in his car all this time!Also Read – Viral Video: Brave Woman Rescues Snake Trapped In Well, Sets It Free In The Forest | Watch

A video of the snake’s rescue operation has gone viral, making people terrified. The video shared on Instagram shows a group of professionals rescuing the snake from the pickup truck. The video was captioned as, “Snakes…why did it have to be snakes?’ There’s snakes, and then there’s SNAKES — and this 12-ft king cobra is the second kind. The serpent was found randomly taking up space in the back of a local man’s pickup truck in Surat Thani, Thailand.”

Watch the viral video here:

The man, identified as Jakkarin Wanpen, said he initially drove the truck home with the cobra in the back without realizing it was there, according to the caption. ‘I was relieved that it was not hurt and that it did not bite anyone at home,’ he said, via Newsflare.

One user reacted to the video and wrote, “I love that he said he “was relieved it didn’t hurt.” That’s awesome he had no negative feelings towards the snake. Everything has its place in the ecosystem.” Another commented, “12ft and healthy! What has this thing been eating.”

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