Incredibly Sweet! Kid Reaches 100 Subscriber Mark on YouTube, Friend Gifts Him

Viral News: Creating content and gaining subscribers on YouTube is not an easy task. Nowadays kids also produce content and own their own YouTube channels wherein they display their creativity and talent. When a subscriber reaches 1 lakh, YouTube gives content creators a Silver play button as a recognition of their efforts and wide reach. However, when a boy reached 100 subscribers, his friend did an incredibly sweet thing to encourage him. In a heartwarming story of friendship, a boy was being given a handmade wooden play button by his friend when he reached a subscriber count of 100.Also Read – Viral Video: Group of Girls Save Kitten Stuck in Drain, Video Melts Netizens’ Hearts | Watch

The picture shows a wooden board painted with pink color having a sketch of a YouTube Button. The text on the wooden play button reads, “Presented to……. For passing 100 Subscribers.” The incident was shared by the YouTuber’s father. He shared the picture and wrote, “My son hit 100 subscribers so his friend made him this wooden play button.”

Watch the video here:

The picture has gone viral with more than 4700 retweets so far and around 63,000 likes. User loved the thoughtful gesture and many wished they had similar friends. One user wrote, “This one is more precious than Diamond Play Button.” Another commented, “Awwww… This is the kind of emotional support I need for my YouTube channel. Does he have any more friends like this that he doesn’t need? I would really love to meet them.” A third said, “Such a wholesome friendship you have going on over there.”

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So sweet!

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