How To Stop A Vehicle If Brakes Fail Read Here

Stop A Vehicle If Brakes Fail: Just imagine, you are going at a speed of 80 km and when you apply the brakes, they do not work. Such a situation can happen to anyone at any time. There would be very few car drivers who would know what to do if the car brakes fail. Most people will get nervous and as a result, something bad might happen. That’s why here we are telling you what steps to take in case the brakes of a moving car fail.

First of all, you don’t have to panic

People panic as soon as they come to know about brake failure. You have to avoid it. Panic makes the situation more uncontrollable. So it is better that you stay calm and follow the steps mentioned below.

Turn on the parking lights

Parking lights (Hazards) are to be used only in case of an emergency. By turning on the parking lights of the vehicle, the vehicle behind comes to know that there may be a problem with your vehicle.

Changing the gear

If the brakes don’t work, change the gear. When the vehicle is shifted from a higher to the lower gear, the speed goes down. You have to do the same thing in an automatic car as well. Manual settings are also provided in most automatic cars. Keep in mind that you have to reduce gears one by one. That is if the car is in the 5th gear, then first move it to 4th then 3rd and so on. Shifting the gear straight away into 1st or 2nd can damage the engine.

Drive the car to the side

If the brake fails, do not keep the car in the middle of the road, immediately turn it to the side. Driving in the middle can cause an accident.

Use the Emergency Handbrake

In such a situation, you should use the handbrake, but keep in mind that it has to be done slowly. Applying the handbrake too fast on a speeding car can cause the car to slip and you can get hurt.

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