Germany Fast Emerging Most Popular Travel Destination In Europe For Indian Tourists

Germany, may not be one of the most favored places by the Bollywood producers and directors when it comes to exotic locales so far, but that has not stopped Indian travelers from exploring the wide diversity of this Western European nation. Germany offers you breathtaking landscapes with pristine mountains, forests, rivers and scenic beaches where you would love to get lost with your family or dear ones. It is no surprise that Germany has seen a year-on-year increase in Indian tourists. The latest travel trend analysis by the German National Tourist Office (GNTO), has estimated a 214% increase in its business from India with an exciting forecast of the future. Germany is topping the charts among the best travel destinations in Europe for Indian travelers for its scope culture and attraction. As per the Nation Brands Index, Anholt Ipsos Nation Brands Index SM 2021, Germany ranks No. 1 on the Nation Brands Index for the fifth time in a row. Interestingly, 55% of Indian tourists visit Germany for leisure travel.Also Read – I-Day Special: Postcards From Turtuk, India’s Northern Most Village

With demand for safer places on the rise post-pandemic, Germany’s cultural centers, architecture, unexplored beaches and countrysides are becoming a huge draw for travelers. Add to it the innovative Gastronomy to insider’s tips and new favorite places in such proximity, Germany offers the best travel experience. Also Read – It’s Time You Take A Trip To Bihar, This State Is A Traveller’s Bliss – Watch Video

German.Local.Culture & Embrace German

Recognizing an increased demand for experiences this season among visitors from the Indian market, the German National Tourist Board (GNTB) has launched a brand-new campaign showcasing nature and cultural tourism in all its facets that focuses on highlighting sustainable tourism attractions and open-air activities. Also Read – Game of Thrones Inspires Uttarakhand To Start Modi Circuit In Jim Corbett

The campaign is German.Local.Culture. and Embrace German Nature conveys precisely this peaceful coexistence of generations, traditions and different cultural influences.

Experience Germany For Local & Sustainable Tourism

Tourists planning a trip to Germany can also reflect on authentic, local experiences in urban destinations. Germany is fast emerging as a destination for culturally interested travelers, families and active vacationers in the Indian market.

Talk of sustainable tourism and Germany offers over 186,000-mile of hiking route, over 130 nature parks and UNESCO Biosphere Reserves, 13 Wine Regions, 47,000 miles of cycling routes and over 1300 sustainable establishments. You can enjoy the 66 Lakes Trail hike, which incorporates streams and rivers and runs past the Sanssouci Palace in the spa town of Potsdam, and the incredible landscapes that can be found at Hiddensee, a stunning car-free island with sandy beaches and salt marshes. .

Why Germany?

Specific to Indian travelers, Germany accounted for 9% of European trips of Indians. 55% of Indian tourists visit Germany for leisure while 38% travel for business. These numbers suggest Germany has emerged as a preferred travel destination for Indian travelers. People have found ease of travel when it came to visiting Germany. “Eight hours gate-to-gate and with multiple daily flight routes from India to cities such as Frankfurt, Munich, Stuttgart, Germany has long been favored by the Indian traveler. An increase in travelers is expected this festive period in light of the relaxation of COVID-19 requirements. All travelers can now visit regardless of vaccination status and without the need for a negative test,” says Romit Theophilus, director German National Tourist Office, India (GNTO).

Romit Theophilus, director German National Tourist Office, India (GNTO)

Romit Theophilus, director German National Tourist Office, India (GNTO)

“Having nature and culture as two of the prominent drivers is exciting given the abundance of relevant offerings that we have to offer”, added Romit. “From meandering lakes and breath-taking mountains to traditional craftmanship and Bavarian fare – Germany is the ideal place for explorers searching for an easily accessible destination with plenty to see and do.”

Visitors looking to soak up the culture around the country can also revel in the campaign’s four touch points: Green, Craft, Flair, and Taste. Taste includes some of Leipzig’s most popular delicacies, Green features the jaw-dropping wildlife in Munsterland, Flair sees creativity such as the inspirational Tegel Art Park in Berlin, and Craft includes the well-known cuckoo clocks of the Black Forest.

Germany offers rich history, fascinating stories of engineering/architecture and unparalleled landscapes to experience.

So, what are you waiting for? It is the right time to strike the long-pending Europe tour from your bucket list.

Log onto German.Local.Culture. for more information.

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