Elephants Save Calf From Drowning in Pool, Win Hearts Online. Watch

Viral Video Today: A heart-warming video is going viral on social media that shows elephants saving a calf that fell in a pool. The video, shared by a user named Gabriele Corno on Twitter on Saturday, is from Seoul Zoo in South Korea. It has received over 925k views and 49k likes.Also Read – Rare White Elephant Born in Myanmar, People Consider It An Auspicious Creature

In the video, a baby elephant and his mother are drinking water from a pool when the calf suddenly falls into the water. The mommy elephant starts panicking and tries to help him out of the water. Another older elephant rushes to the rescue of the baby elephant. Also Read – Viral Video: Hungry Elephant Tries to Pluck Jackfruit From a Tree, Villagers Applaud When It Succeeds | Watch

The baby elephant was struggling to keep its trunk above the water and seemed to be drowning. The two elephants rush into the pool, hold him so he doesn’t drown, and help him towards the shallow end of the pool. Their quick thinking and selflessness saved the calf’s life and proved how compassionate elephants are. Also Read – Viral Video: Elephant Family Plays in Newly Constructed Waterhole in Uttarakhand Park. Watch

Watch the viral video below:

What a quick and amazing rescue!

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