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Contraceptive Pills, Booklet: This State To Give

Bhubaneswar: The population clock is already ticking for India and to bring it under control, the Central government is taking various measures and spreading awareness about family planning. Taking a step further, the Odisha government has decided to provide ‘wedding kits’ to newly married couples from September onwards.Also Read – Viral Video: Odisha Family Holds Funeral Procession With Band-Baaja For Pet Dog, Performs Last Rites | Watch

This awareness campaign is part of the National Health Mission’s (NHM) Nai Pahal Scheme. The prime objective of this scheme is to create more awareness among the newly married couples to adopt family planning, Director of Family Planning, Bijay Panigrahy, told PTI.

Issues like family planning are imperative for citizens to look into not just for population control but also with regards to healthy lifestyle.

Accredited Social Health Activists (ASHA) will be given the duty to pay visits to households of newly married couples and further distribute the wedding kits assigned by the government. The initiative will start from the district and block levels, according to Panigrahy.

These ASHA workers have reportedly been trained in proper distribution of these kits and also in encouraging and motivating the couples to understand and adopt ways of family planning.

Wedding Kits

These wedding kits, which will be provided by the Odisha government, will include contraceptive pills, condoms, a booklet on methods and benefits of family planning, and the marriage registration certificate among other items.

In addition to the products in these kits, couples will also be informed about healthy spacing between child births. There will also be a special gift pack containing home pregnancy tests, things used in grooming like- comb, bindi, mirror, nail cutter etc.

According to the State Mission Director of NHM Shalini Pandit, Odisha will become the maiden state in India to launch this initiative.

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