5 Things You Should Offer to Lord Krishna For Guaranteed Love And Success

Krishna Janmashtami 2022 Puja Samaan: The joy and fervor associated with Janmashtami are one of a kind and impeccable in numerous ways. Janmashtami is one of such festivals which attracts people across ages and genders to come together, unite and spread the love bombs to each other. Janmashtami is marked as a day to celebrate the birth of Shri Krishna. Lord Krishna was born on Ashtami tithi of Bhadrapad month and coincident with Rohini Nakshatra. As per the Gregorian calendar, this usually falls in the month of August – September.Also Read – Janmashtami 2022 Panchang: No Rohini Nakshatra on August 18, 19 – Here’s When to Observe Fast

The relevance of Shri Krishna and his teachings has been there since time immemorial. However, post-pandemic, the significance has risen as we need to relearn and regain our enthusiasm towards life after tough years, and ‘Shrimad Bhagvat Gita’ is the best source and teaching to gain this. Also Read – Sri Krishna Janmashtami in Mathura: Preparations On From Last 2 Months; Festival to Generate Business of Over Rs 500 Cr

Furthermore, the life and teachings of Shri Krishna also tell us to have empathy towards each person on this earth and be humane first in our life pattern. Shri Krishna loves whatever is offered to him with love, faith, belief and positive intent; however, there are few things which he loves a lot and the person offering this to him attracts his blessings in his life. Also Read – Janmashtami 2022: 5 Special Things of Kanha Ji To Offer During Krishna Janmashtami Puja

Janmashtami 2022: Five things to offer to Shri Krishna on Janmashtami:

  1. Makhan Mishri: The love of Shri Krishna for Makhan Mishri is a well-accepted fact, and his ‘Baal Leela is filled with interesting incidents relating to the same. It is one of the favorite things which Shri Krishna loves, and it establishes a lovely and lively connection between them bhakt and bhagwaan. Offering the same to the Shri Krishna on Janmashtami enhances the intellectual capability of a person and enriches love vibes in life.
  2. Makhana: Makhana kheer is yet another sweetish blog offered to Shri Krishna. As per the principles of zero numerology, Makhana is ruled by Jupiter and Venus and offering the same to Shri Krishna blesses the person with name, fame and abundance in every aspect of life.
  3. Raksha Sutra: As the name suggests, this is a sacred thread of protection which offers divine protection all around the person. In Mahabharat, Draupadi tied a piece of cloth (in the form of Raksha sutra) to Shri Krishna. Offering it to Shri Krishna establishes a relationship with Shri Krishna and wherein the god comes to rescue in all situations when there is no hope. This sacred bondage to the almighty provides a subconscious cushion to the person.
  4. Panchamrit: ‘Panchamrit’ is a holy offering made by mixing cow’s raw milk, curd, ghee, honey and Shakkar. (The ingredients of Panchamrit vary across parts of India based on cultural predominance). Panchamrit can be offered as Bhog as well as can also be used for doing the Abhishek of Shri Krishna with dakshinvarti shankh. Furthermore, after the Panchamrit Abhishek of Shri Krishna, the Abhishek can also be done with Gangajal mixed with rose petals and basil leaves. Doing the Abhishek of Shri Krishna and offering Panchamrit as Bhog to Shri Krishna blesses the person with everything needed in life. It also helps the person in moving a step higher in the soul journey.
  5. Yellow fruits and clothes: Yellow is a color ruled by Jupiter primarily, and Jupiter is responsible for intellectual ability and wisdom in a person’s life. Offering yellow fruits and clothes to Shri Krishna on Janmashtami helps the person in gaining success in job and business. One can offer yellow fruits like mango, banana, etc. and yellow clothes like a yellow dhoti, yellow Angocha etc., to Shri Krishna.

After Pooja, these same items can also be donated to little kids, and this would maximize its positive outcomes in individual life.

This Janmashtami, give your life new wings by including these in your routine offerings to Shri Krishna. May Shri Krishna bless us all to follow the righteous path in our journey on this Earth!

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