2 Women Fight in Delhi Metro Over Seat Sharing, Netizens Find It Amusing. Watch

Viral Video Today: Recently, a video went viral on social media that showed two men fighting over a bus seat. One was yelling “Nahi jagah hai” and the other was saying “Bohot jagah hai”. A female version of a similar argument is going viral. This time, it was between two ladies over a seat in Delhi Metro. Not long ago, another fight from Delhi Metro went viral where a couple had a heated argument over a Zara T-shirt. The man and woman even slapped each other as they argued about the price of a Zara dress. The pattern shows that netizens clearly find these fights entertaining.Also Read – Condom Ad Above Women Seat In Delhi Metro Sparks Anger, DMRC Says Poster Removed

A Twitter user shared a video recently where two women can be seen arguing over a seating arrangement in Delhi Metro. The video has gone viral with more than 168k views and 5,100 likes. In the clip, a woman in a yellow saree is seated comfortably with her bag on an empty seat while a woman in an orange kurta struggles to find a seat for herself. The bickering begins when the saree-clad woman says she won’t offer the empty seat and the other woman goes on to sit in the small gap between her and another passenger.

The woman in yellow saree has reserved the empty seat for someone she’s waiting for but the other woman says she can’t reserve a seat like this. The first woman then says that she can’t make her sit on her lap, to which the kurta woman responds saying she’s not asking to sit in her lap. The woman squeezed in the tight spot says that she will complain to the security and the saree-clad woman says that she can go ahead. Meanwhile, another woman is sitting beside them, just casually eating a burger and enjoying watching the fight.

Watch the viral video below:

Netizens found the video amusing and even the unbothered woman who was eating a burger while two women were fighting beside her. “I want this calmness in life like that Burger girl,” a user tweeted. “Also this lady is littering in delhi metro & eating too. @OfficialDMRC must take action against this lady,” a user commented. However, a user replied to the commenters asking DMRC to take action against the burger woman by saying not to do as the woman is ‘cute’. “@OfficialDMRC don’t take any action against her. She’s cute,” a user commented.

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